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Combining Tips House Paint Colors

 Analyzing the results obtained Interior Design Malang East Java
The combination of orange color
If you are using the color orange, then you can combine it with yellow and white colors. These three elements are equally color is neutral, so it will complement one another.

The combination of gray
If you want to use the dominant color is gray, you can merge or combine it with the color red. The red color on the roof, on the fence, but the red color is used not too much, and use pink color, not dark red color.

Experiments color combinations
You do not need to perform their own experiments to determine the combination of color, because it will take a lot of time and expense. You can see examples of images that is so, how people create a good color combination.

Or you can use to create 3D design how the exterior appearance of your home if you use a combination of colors that you think, so do not need to be built. Consider the problem of efficiency and effectiveness.

Which must be considered
Just a tip, there is a need to consider when selecting color combinations. In addition to creating color combinations 'chic' to the exterior of the house, you also have to make an equally 'slick' to the interior of the house, in addition, the combination of colors as much as possible be made synchronous and thematically.

For interior wall paint color combinations home, also be adapted to the color of furniture, for example, if a light green color is selected, then the selection of furniture should be partly green or not far from the color, the color can also be selected equally neutral and suitable joined with the green color.

If you look to the interior paint colors, one of the characteristics you should look at the colors should look neat and nice, and united with the color of the furniture. Actual color combinations are endless, so there should be only 2 or maximum 3 only, but you can use any color combination more than that, you need to do is see which one you think best.

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